Creekside Place is proud of the growth of one of their most popular programs. Since being formed in 2008, the Woodchucks have become the go-to group in Evansville for civic, educational, and home repair needs involving woodworking. Teachers call upon their expertise to help with school projects. Local businesses refer them to area residents in need of help with minor projects. Civic groups reach out to the woodworkers to create products for use in fundraising.  The Woodchucks have mentored Eagle Scouts whose projects, completed in the shop, have benefitted local schools, parks and the Eager Free Public Library.

Along with giving back to the community, the Woodchucks have grown their numbers by encouraging area residents to come together around a common interest in woodworking. Many members of the group had found their interest in the hobby had been limited by their lack of equipment and/or space before joining the group. The Woodchucks make their home in a 2,500 square foot woodworking shop at the Theodore Robinson Intermediate School which is leased from the School District.

Although the group’s name may conjure images of a small club with a narrow focus, a common interest in woodworking and service to the community has become a major role for the Woodchucks. Originally the program was intended as a social outlet for middle-aged and older men in the community. But now the group has grown to include women and younger members and is unmatched in participation and enthusiasm among Creekside Place’s programs. The group meets formally every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 3:00PM at Creekside Place, Inc. 102 Maple St. Evansville WI.

The Woodchucks’ have received positive exposure for their efforts and dedication through several projects they have provided in the community. They were recognized as the Service Club of the year at the 2009 Evansville Community Partnership’s Just Desserts event, and were in the spotlight on the November 19, 2009 edition of Channel 3's Live at Five news program.

The Woodchucks most recent group project has been the construction of 15 squirrel houses for the Dane County Humane Society’s wildlife rehabilitation program. The work of individual Woodchucks has been donated as auction items and prizes for many of the fundraisers around Evansville and the area and can be found on display at Creekside Place. Through its membership and the group’s service work in the community, the Woodchucks have made positive contributions to hundreds of local residents and dozens of local businesses and organizations.

The Woodchucks welcome new members of all abilities.  Please contact Creekside Place to learn how you can join the fun





The interests, commitments, and attitudes of the members of the Woodchucks make the group a model for the Creekside Place organization to use in developing similar clubs for others to join.

Please contact Creekside Place, Inc for more information about the Woodchucks.
Phone 608-882-0407